Inventor and Certified Fitness Expert Sonee Thompson explains the Burn Belt

  • Invisible under clothing
  • Corrects and improves Posture
  • Supports your back
  • Removes water weight
  • BURN fat and calories easier!

Burn BELT Before/after photos

Real customers and clients who are enjoying the positive changes in their bodies, self esteem and everyday lives by wearing the BURN BELT daily!

BEFORE - Nancy had kyphotic posture and low ab pooch, droopy bustline

AFTER - Nancy stands talle, abs are flat and bustline lifted.


BEFORE - Belly fat to burn in front and sagging bustline.and back rolls to had upper back pain and belly bloat.

BEFORE - She was concerned with the growing muffin top waistline.

AFTER BURN BELT! Look at that flat tummy and shapely waistline! Another CONFIDENT CUSTOMER!

BEFORE - Kim had upper back pain and belly bloat.

AFTER - Kim has pain relief, a thinner silhouette with flat abs and defined waistline.


BEFORE - Back Pain, Back and Belly fat, and sagging breastline.

BEFORE - Explaining Burn Belt benefits with other customers awaiting their turn in the Burn Box!

AFTER: Immediate RESULTS with lifted bustline, look at that waistline and posture improvement, and she even looks younger and happier!

BEFORE - Stomach roll, Belly fat, compromised posture.

AFTER:  Waistline definition, clothing hangs freely, posture upright and aligned.  

It's unisex - MEN  BURN TOO!

Olympian, Pro Boxer and former WBC Latino Middleweight Champion Yamaguchi Falcao uses the burn belt to enhance his training regimen. Keeps him lean and mean!

Because the Burn Belt is invisible under clothing and retains the moisture, your fat burn and your back relief are your business! Anytime - Anywhere - Anybody! 

Get yours or a gift for friends and family today!